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I do respect the individual right you have to believe in whatever you want and the individual right to exercise that belief.

But it doesn't mean:

- I'm obligated to share your beliefs and to live accordingly to the outdated medieval dogmas of your religion;
- I'm obligated to respect your religion unconditionally (which I don't)

We have to respect people (only when they deserve our respect; in my opinion respect is a both way street and it's not supposed to be given unconditionally on a silver platter); ideas on the other hand exist to be questioned, criticized, refuted, etc. If you feel personally offended because we dare to question and criticize your religion well...tough.
This note is only to the fanatic fundamentalist christians.

I have nothing against moderate christians because they know how to respect people who don't believe in their god.
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RhayvenNite Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll hop on that train :3
hope-is-overrated Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
TKAGriever Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012
I'll sign that declaration. Personally I live by a simple rule when it comes to all religions and things that are different: believe what you want and do what you want just leave me out of it. Also I find little respect for religions simply because they have way too much blood on their hands to act so "holier than thou". Well maybe not the more pacifistic ones but Christianity is a prime example on how much blood can stain a holy mans hands. When the books are balanced out and religion has saved as many lives as it has ended I might find it in me to admit that maybe religions can do good.
RhayvenNite Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fun fact:

Though many Christians claim that Satanism is the worst thing one could ever delve into - It has far less blood on its hands than Christianity. ((Okay..Not hard to do, but whatever))
TKAGriever Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
Indeed. Another intriquing fact though this comes as second hand knowledge: according to the Bible God has killed 2 476 633 people (not counting Noah's flood and all sorts of plaques) and Satan has killed... only 10? I wonder if those 2 million or so souls ever reached the pearly gates...
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